Song Learning Procedure

Song Learning Procedure

Song Learning Procedure:

This may take multiple class times to go through each of the steps. Very few songs can be sung without help on the first day.

  1. Listen to the song sung as a whole (Usually one verse and chorus)
  2. Repeat phrases in a call and response form
  3. Put phrases together to sing larger chunks of the whole
  4. Sing the whole together
  5. Work on difficult phrases using “la” “bum” or solfege.
  6. Sing the song without help.

Sing Along

Hello! You’re here because you want to hear your child sing along with an accompaniment and thank you for looking them to perform for you! I encourage you to sing along as well!

Recorder Challenge.

Recorder Challenge.

We’re using Sarah Watt’s Red Hot Recorder Method in class. If you want to continue past what we’re doing in school, the book can be found at Al Hemer’s Music in Orchard Park. I also suggest searching for tutorials or recorder sheet music freely available online.

This is how the recorder challenge works:

  1. I will give you a song.
  2. You may practice as much as you’d like
  3. You may challenge me on that song.
  4. If you make the same amount of mistakes I do or less, you win candy.

I warn you, I practice. You should too.

(ps. this is meant to be fun, don’t stress, practice your instrument and improve!)