Week 1: Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade

Mr. Panfil, Vocal and General Music Grade: Kindergarten-2 Week: 1

NYS Standards: 1,3National Anchor Standards: 1
Topic: Singing Voices
Objective(s): Students will sing an octave above me


Instruments: Guitar, Hotel Bell
Books: None
Music: Baby Beluga, Down by the Bay (Raffi), and Two Monkeys (Panfil Brothers)
Misc: Monkey puppets and beluga puppets
Tech: Smart Board, (CD optional)
Files: SMART Board Files: Welcome Back


Opening: Welcome and Rules
Down By the Bay (Key of G), Call and Response
-Describe differences in my voice and theirs.
-Sing with them in their voice (octave up).
-Have them repeat lines in their voice
-Switch back to my voice and see if they can continue in their voice

Two Monkeys
-Sing song and perform movements
-When comfortable, have children sing along using their voice.
-Add monkey puppets if time allows.

Baby Beluga, Spider fingers
-Describe Spider fingers (Hands cupped with fingers limp to look like a spider).
-Listen and keep the beat on laps, using spider fingers (lightly and without making a sound. If they are hurting their leg, they are doing it too hard.)
-Sing along with the first verse when comfortable while keeping spider fingers beat.
-Pass around Bailey Beluga on the beat (Pass, hug, pass, hug)
-Use hotel bell under foot to help with beat if needed.
Closure: Review and line up