Baby Beluga Sing Along

Baby Beluga is a song by Raffi about an imaginary beluga whale. We pass my belgua puppet around the room on the beat while we sing.

I keep the beat using a hotel bell and we pass, hug, pass, hug, pass, hug, pass, hug…

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea
Swim so wild and you swim so free
Heaven above and the sea below
And a little white whale on the go

Baby beluga, baby beluga
Is the water warm
Is your mama home with you, so happy

Way down yonder where the dolphins play
Where you dive and splash all day
Waves roll in and the waves roll out
See the water squirtin’ out of your spout

Baby beluga, oh, baby beluga
Sing your little song
Sing for all your friends, we like to hear you

When it’s dark, you’re home and fed
Curl up, snug in your water bed
Moon is shining and the stars are out
Good night, little whale, good night

Baby beluga, oh, baby beluga
With tomorrow’s sun, another day’s begun
You’ll soon be wakin’

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea
Swim so wild and you swim so free
Heaven above and the sea below
And a little white whale on the go
You’re just a little white whale on the go

Down by the Bay

A call and response song I like to use to differentiate between the childrens’ voices and my own. They respond back to me up an octave.
Key of G, normally on guitar.

Down by the Bay (Down by the Bay)
Where the watermelons grow (where the watermelons grow)
Back to my home (Back to my home)
I dare not go (I dare not go)
For if I do (For if I do)
My Mother will say (My Mother will say)
Did you ever see: *Insert rhyme*
Down by the Bay!

-a fly wearing a tie
-a goose kissing a moose
-a llama wearing their pajamas
-a dog sitting on a log
-a cat wearing a hat
-a bear combing his hair
etc. I like to have the kids come up with their own rhymes or I will use their names to rhyme one.

Week 1: Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade

Mr. Panfil, Vocal and General Music Grade: Kindergarten-2 Week: 1

NYS Standards: 1,3National Anchor Standards: 1
Topic: Singing Voices
Objective(s): Students will sing an octave above me


Instruments: Guitar, Hotel Bell
Books: None
Music: Baby Beluga, Down by the Bay (Raffi), and Two Monkeys (Panfil Brothers)
Misc: Monkey puppets and beluga puppets
Tech: Smart Board, (CD optional)
Files: SMART Board Files: Welcome Back


Opening: Welcome and Rules
Down By the Bay (Key of G), Call and Response
-Describe differences in my voice and theirs.
-Sing with them in their voice (octave up).
-Have them repeat lines in their voice
-Switch back to my voice and see if they can continue in their voice

Two Monkeys
-Sing song and perform movements
-When comfortable, have children sing along using their voice.
-Add monkey puppets if time allows.

Baby Beluga, Spider fingers
-Describe Spider fingers (Hands cupped with fingers limp to look like a spider).
-Listen and keep the beat on laps, using spider fingers (lightly and without making a sound. If they are hurting their leg, they are doing it too hard.)
-Sing along with the first verse when comfortable while keeping spider fingers beat.
-Pass around Bailey Beluga on the beat (Pass, hug, pass, hug)
-Use hotel bell under foot to help with beat if needed.
Closure: Review and line up

Happy Birthday Ukulele Tutorial in C or G

Follow along to play Happy Birthday on the Ukulele in both the keys of C and G. The chords are as follows:


I                            V7
Happy Birthday to you

V7              I
Happy Birthday to you

I                        IV
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

I            (V7) I
Happy Birthday to you

C                          G
Happy Birthday to you

G             C
Happy Birthday to you

C                        F
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

C            (G) C
Happy Birthday to you

G                           D7
Happy Birthday to you

D7              G
Happy Birthday to you

G                        C
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

G           (D7) G
Happy Birthday to you

Chords in C

Chords in G

The Turkey Game

The Turkey Game

The Turkey Game

Played using The Turkey Game (Pavo, Pavo) Song from Grade 1 Discs. Found in iTunes playlists or search.

  1. Learn Song using the Song Learning Procedure
  2. Begin by walking around as a turkey and listening for students using Good Singing Habits
  3. On the last word of the chorus “…snatch a feather out!”, choose a student to be a turkey also.
  4. Each time through the song, the students who are turkeys choose new people to join them as turkeys on the last word of the chorus
  5. Eventually all students are turkeys, walking on the beat and flapping wings.
  6. Reverse procedure until all are sitting.

Turkey, Turkey, you will see
You can’t catch me, you can’t catch me.
Gobble, gobble, gobble go,
I’ll catch you quick before you know.

Turkey, turkey, try it, do
We dare you to, we dare you to
Turkey, turkey turn about
or we might snatch a feather out!

Good Singing Habits

Good Singing Habits

Good Singing Habits:

  • Use proper posture
  • Take deep breathes
  • Be ready to sing before the song starts.
  • Ready yourself for the first tone in your head
  • Sing in the proper range. This may be an octave higher than a Male teacher.
  • Sing using a light and airy tone. The sound should be one the breath, not heavy or in front on the breath and not behind the breath
  • Sing only when it’s time
  • Stop singing when signaled
  • Take note of any mistakes and try to correct them