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Sub Procedures

Hello! Welcome to elementary school vocal music at Cloverbank Elementary School.

Here are all the details you need to know to start the day.

The day begins with Bus Duty at 8:45 at the Bus Doors. Please keep track of the buses coming in with the clipboard kept above the phone.

My schedule can be found on the file cabinet near my door or on the chalk board above my desk.

My plan book and seating chart book are both left on the writing desk.

If you feel comfortable singing, dancing, and playing instruments, please follow the plans in the binder.

If you don’t feel comfortable singing, dancing, and playing instruments, don’t worry. I have some plans below that can be useful to music subs and non-music subs alike.

In case of a fire drill, please exit the room and turn right to exit outside to the grass beside the gym.

In case of a lockdown, please check the halls and allow any students in, lock the door, and go to the corner near the water fountain ensuring that no students can be seen through the window in the door.

If you are present on a chorus day and feel comfortable running chorus, the songs to be rehearsed are on the iPad in the room under the app ForScore. See the linked video to find the playlist.

If you don’t want to run chorus, please let them know in the office to make an announcement at the beginning of the day to cancel.

At the end of a day without chorus, bus duty is once again at the bus doors. Please keep track of the buses coming in and supervise student behavior.

You will find links to procedures and lessons all throughout my plan book and website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email. If I don’t get back to you immediately, Mr. Voto can help with music questions, Mrs. Sommer (Library) or Mrs. Pawlak (Computer Lab) can help with technology questions as I have my room wired in a less-than-intuitive way.


Lesson Plans by Week (You must be logged in to a Frontier Account to view)

You may also find my plans in a binder on my desk or on the flash drive labeled “Plans” hanging behind my door. Please note that the plans found at the link will always be the most current and they are updated regularly.

Song Learning Procedure