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Baby Beluga Sing Along

Baby Beluga is a song by Raffi about an imaginary beluga whale. We pass my belgua puppet around the room on the beat while we sing. I keep the beat using a hotel bell and we pass, hug, pass, hug, pass, hug, pass, hug... Lyrics:Baby beluga in the deep blue seaSwim so...

Monday, April 6th

Good afternoon!I'm sorry I haven't been doing daily updates, but I didn't want to overwhelm anyone. Here's what I'm going to do:Daily updates here on my website. You do NOT need to do everything. All I want you to do for now is to visit the site when you want to sing...

We Are Cloverbank Sheet Music

We Are Cloverbank Sheet Music

Grab the sheet music here! WeAreCloverbank - ScoreDownload Make sure you check out the Sing Along video if you haven't yet.

Happy Birthday Ukulele Tutorial in C or G

Follow along to play Happy Birthday on the Ukulele in both the keys of C and G. The chords are as follows:   I                            V7 Happy Birthday to you V7              I Happy Birthday to you I                        IV Happy...

Recorder Challenge.

Recorder Challenge.

We're using Sarah Watt's Red Hot Recorder Method in class. If you want to continue past what we're doing in school, the book can be found at Al Hemer's Music in Orchard Park. I also suggest searching for tutorials or recorder sheet music freely available online. This...

Chorus Songs

Hello 5th Graders! Here are the two chorus songs we're performing. We will be dropping Winter Changes.