The Turkey Game

Played using The Turkey Game (Pavo, Pavo) Song from Grade 1 Discs. Found in iTunes playlists or search.

  1. Learn Song using the Song Learning Procedure
  2. Begin by walking around as a turkey and listening for students using Good Singing Habits
  3. On the last word of the chorus “…snatch a feather out!”, choose a student to be a turkey also.
  4. Each time through the song, the students who are turkeys choose new people to join them as turkeys on the last word of the chorus
  5. Eventually all students are turkeys, walking on the beat and flapping wings.
  6. Reverse procedure until all are sitting.

Turkey, Turkey, you will see
You can’t catch me, you can’t catch me.
Gobble, gobble, gobble go,
I’ll catch you quick before you know.

Turkey, turkey, try it, do
We dare you to, we dare you to
Turkey, turkey turn about
or we might snatch a feather out!