Kindergarten and 1st Grade, Week of June 8th.

I hope you have a wonderful summer!
Keep singing!
What was your favorite song we sang this year?

Let’s start by singing You Are My Sunshine together:

We have one more Musication “Home Edition”. You can play it on anything in your home or choose movements for each color:

Lastly, please sing a song!
That’s it, please sing a song. Any song is fine. It’s even better if you sing it for somebody. I’m attaching a link to my youtube channel if you can’t think of one.

I miss you all and love seeing your videos or pictures on the Google Classroom. Have a great summer.

Grade 2 and 3, Week of May 25th

Good morning!
In Honor of Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day in the next few weeks, let’s sing some patriotic songs.

Next, we’ve been working on rhythms. Last week I gave you some to try. Here are some more difficult rhythms from Visual Musical Minds:

Lets try a dance together!

The weather forecast looks great this week! Here’s Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and The Waves

Don’t forget about the virtual music room!
You can do more if you’d like any week. Otherwise, get out, enjoy the weather, and keep singing!!

Kindergarten and Grade 1, Week of May 25th

Good morning!
In honor of Memorial Day, we’re still singing patriotic music. Remember, that means songs about The United States.

We have three songs:

We started America (My Country Tis of Thee) two weeks ago, and started You’re a Grand Old Flag last week. This week we sing both and add Yankee Doodle.

Here is the American Sign Language for Yankee Doodle!

Let’s take a dance break!

It’s so nice to see the forecast for this week. Here’s Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and The Waves

Lastly for this week, we’ve also been working on rhythms.

We tend to use “Du” and “Du De” (Doo Day), but “Ta and Ti Ti” (Tee Tee) is just as easy to understand.

Especially 1st grade, we would be ending our year focused on rhythm practice just like this

Grade 4 and 5, Week of May 25th

Happy Memorial Day Week!

Let’s take a look at some rhythms again. This use the dotted quarter and eighth combo we’ve been working on:

Next, let’s learn to sign and sing The Star Spangled Banner. It’s the national anthem of our country, which means it’s the official song:

Lastly, this week would have been the Gettysburg/Philadelphia Trip. Here is a parody of Cheap Thrills all about the Civil War!

Lastly, here is a Civil War song you may recognize. Words are included so you can sing along:

When Johnny comes marching home again
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We’ll give him a hearty welcome then
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The men will cheer and the boys will shout
The ladies they will all turn out
And we’ll all feel glad
When Johnny comes marching home.

The old church bell will peal with joy
Hurrah! Hurrah!
To welcome home our darling boy,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The village lads and lassies say
With roses they will strew the way,
And we’ll all feel glad
When Johnny comes marching home.

Get ready for theĀ Jubilee,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We’ll give the hero three times three,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The laurel wreath is ready now
To place upon his loyal brow
And we’ll all feel glad
When Johnny comes marching home.

Let love and friendship on that day,
Hurrah, hurrah!
Their choicest pleasures then display,
Hurrah, hurrah!
And let each one perform some part,
To fill with joy the warrior’s heart,
And we’ll all feel glad
When Johnny comes marching home.

Guitar/Ukulele Recap Week 2

This week, we added the G chord on the guitar and the C chord on the ukulele.
Play along with This Land is Your Land on the video!

The pattern is
1 1 1 1
4 4 4 4
1 1 1 1
5 5 5 5
1 1 1 1

What does that mean? Well, in each key, there is a “home” chord. In major, it’s the tonic.

Since we’re putting this song in G on the uke, the numbers would be (it’s simply alphabetical)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

So G is 1
C is 4
and D is 5


Can you figure it out for guitar?
Same pattern, different key.

D E F# G A B C#
1 2 3 4 5 6 7