Happy Monday 4th and 5th Graders!
Did you try the Twist and The Limbo last week?
Remember, dances have always been part of popular music. What dances do you know?

Show me on this week’s Flipgrid!

You could also use the QR code to quickly get to the Flipgrid from the phone or tablet app.
Here’s a Just Dance Disco song to try. Disco is a style of music prominent in the late 70s that bridged Rock and Roll to Hip Hop.

Do you have a guitar or ukulele in your house with you?
Join me Monday at 1pm on The Facebook group (or right here afterwards) and play along!

Back to the Science of Sound, I would like you to please try the quiz on Google Classroom again. It is a review of all of our terms.

I also put together a quick review video that ends with the glass shattering! #Spoiler alert, it was pretty disappointing.