May the 4th be with you!
We’re still working on reading treble clef notes! Some of you sent me some drawing of Treble Clefs and they looked amazing!
On top of the treble clef reading, I’ve also started a FlipGrid for recorder songs for the third graders.

You can record yourself playing any of our Recorder Monster songs, even ones from which you already have a belt.
The password for May is “monster”. I will comment on each to say 1-2-3 or 4. Record as many as you’d like.

I’m also uploading all of the songs to this link:

Now on to Treble Clef once more. Here is a video from The Royal Irish Academy of Music that describes treble clef.

Here is another diagram. Hopefully you’re starting to see that where the note is on the staff determines it’s pitch. With letters, it’s a different shape that tells them apart. An “A” looks very different than a “B”, but in music, they’re all circles, so it depends on whether it’s on a line or a space, AND which line or space it’s on.

Lastley, try this game on

I miss you all. Feel free to explore my virtual music room this week too if you want to do some more activities!
Mr. Panfil’s Virtual Music Room