Good morning!
During the week, I’d like you to practice drawing treble clef symbols and writing words in music notation. In my video, I give you two words on the treble clef staff. Can you read them?
Try making your own! You can send them to my email OR right here on Google Classroom.

Start off by watching (and sing along if you’d like) the “I Knew You Were Treble”

Next, Watch my video on drawing staves and spelling some notation words!
Next time you’re outside, give it a try. You could always do it on paper as well.

Lastly, try this memory game. You can play as often as you’d like. You can look around the site anytime you’d like 🙂 It’s called Music Note Memory and it’s on the right side.

3rd graders, keep up the recorder practice as well whenever you can.

The password for April is: goldfish